Down & Dirty

Let’s set the scene…you’re 10 minutes early for your Tinder date with Brad. The hostess sits you down at your table and you’re beyond excited to see what he’s really like, but you’re also a little nervous that he’s a catfish. You’ve been talking for a couple of weeks and he seems like the WHOLE package. *Phew* He walks in and he’s even better in real life! Like that NEVER happens. He’s rocking some killer kicks, hair perfectly coiffed, and his shirt’s not that bad either. But wait, once the initial shock has worn off you realize……..his clothes are covered in mud!!!!! “Brad? Were you wrestling a pig before you came here?”. Brad quickly defended his Canadian tuxedo by saying he recently bought the combo at Nordstrom’s for a mere $1300. Yiiiiiikes maybe Brad’s not as hot as we thought. On the plus side though, Brad spilt his chilli cheese dog all over himself and you couldn’t even tell.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 19.45.51.png

BTW: $425.00 is the American price. It’s like $650 for us poor friendly Canadians.

But seriously PRPS Jeans, us middle class people work for YEARS to get the authentic mud experience on our jeans and now you’re selling pre-muddied denim and jackets for $650 a piece. This is kind of like when people started paying the Catholic Church to repent for their sins until Martin Luther came in and enlightened everyone about how whack they were. We never thought we would have to compare ourselves to Martin Luther, but that time has come.

Mud Denim Jacket.png

SOLD OUT?! Are you for real?!

Initially we thought this was some sick joke, but upon further investigation we discovered that Nordstrom Canada has sold out of every last mud jean jacket. Like come on Canadian boys, what are you thinking?!?! Unless you work on the farm and drink at least a flat of beer a day don’t come ‘round here wearing muddied denim. Trust us we know, laundry is a hassle and we’ve gone through our fair share of Tide-to-go sticks, but I think at least 85% of straight females would be pretty disappointed if their Tinder date showed up pulling a Brad. This is a PSA for all boys: don’t be a Brad.   

K + T


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