A Bag Big Enough For All Your Secrets

It’s a widely known fact that IKEA meatballs are the bees knees and one of us is a vegetarian and even agrees. But that’s not the only thing we love about IKEA. No, not the furniture – we are talking about those gorgeous blue tarp bags that help us carry all our knick knacks. The size of these bags is super practical when you’re planning on hauling a dresser out of IKEA, but not so much for everyday life. Enter Balenciaga.


So Balenciaga has come out with their new Carry Shopper L (L = Large). And guess what?? It costs over $3000 for a pretty blatant plagiarization of the IKEA shopping bag. A small price to pay for a bag that big. LOL JOKES. The only time you need a bag this big in everyday life is when you’re trying to hide a dead body. We’re looking at you Sharon. But seriously Balenciaga…what were you thinking? The twig armed people that buy your bags probably can’t even carry this thing on empty.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 18.29.28

There’s a reason IKEA makes furniture and not bags. They aren’t good at it. Balenciaga, stop trying to make IKEA carry shoppers happen. The creative designers over at the Balenciaga House probably thought they were beyond witty getting inspo from a bag made from a legitimate tarp, putting it in leather and charging 3000 times more for it. We see you. The fact that IKEA was “deeply flattered” (their words not ours) that you took inspiration from their bags was the first red flag. We all know the greatest trend coming out of IKEA was the IKEA Monkey (like that fur jacket?!?! Come on! We’re weeping) and you can never defeat a style that timeless.

This bag may be big enough to hide our skeletons (closets are so last season), but we see right through you Balenciaga. Don’t think we don’t know what you’re doing…




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