Lights Out on Lampshading

Remember that time you woke up in the morning from that nightmare where you forgot to wear pants to school? Traumatizing right?! Not traumatizing enough. Because, guess what (insert dramatic pause) people are convinced this is a trend now. Lampshading is that nifty new way to scrap the pants from your wardrobe. It’s that trend sported by all our fav celebs (*eye roll* the Kardashians). Well to be more specific, lampshading is basically just wearing a baggy sweater and thigh high boots and forgetting the pants along the way. This pairing literally makes your body look like a lamp. Ohhh babe, looking lamp-esque today *swoon* Look to figure 1.1 for clarity.


Figure 1.1

We’re not talking about sweater dresses or any other dresses for that matter, and put your pitch forks down people, we aren’t trashing thigh highs either. To put things into perspective, this is like wearing a Gucci sweater with sweatpants – “useless & disappointing” – Sam (A Cinderella Story 2008). All that essay citing finally put to good use.

Think of it this way, would you wear a sweater sans pants with sneakers? NO. So let us sprinkle you with some food for thought. Why is everyone convinced that it’s okay to wear an oversized sweater and put on some thigh high boots in lieu of pants? News flash, pants are used to cover more than just your legs. Our minds are going wild imagining the possible diseases that could be caught from sitting on a bus stop bench. Of course the Kardashians don’t have to worry about this, but common folk do.


This trend is kinda like when you’re in the library till 2AM and the janitor comes around and tells you he has to turn the lights out. “Hey kid, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”. We’re turning the lights out on lampshading.



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