Crocs & Caviar


Crocs by Christopher Kane from the S/S 2017 Ready to Wear runway

Crocs, a word only whispered in the homes of middle class America. Since the get-go crocs have been taboo, except within the community of gardening senior citizens, nurses, and the occasional token white boi at a party (if you do not know the difference between a boy and a boi you are seriously misguided *look to definition #2 for clarity). We’re experiencing a strange phenomenon that has rarely been seen before…the fashion of middle class america working its way onto the runway *insert dramatic sound effect of your choosing.

We’re not sure if it’s the raised prices that lured us in –now only a select few can afford to adorn their feet in crocs, not some regular Joe Blow you pass on the streets– or maybe it was the two-tone marble with the stone charms that reeled us in. I mean we all want what we can’t have, but Christopher Kane is taking it to a new level. These crocs retail at around $560 –basically pocket change. You’re all laughing at this trend now, but just you wait. The second Beyonce or Chad Kroeger are spotted working these babies –in LA or in Hanna, AB– you would sacrifice your own mother to wear these for 3 hours.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 19.54.12.png

Currently weeping over our laptop screens over the beauty of these “stone embellished Crocs clogs”

We’re not saying we like crocs or we want to be the token weirdo at the party in our very own pair, but Christopher Kane is doing something right. Don’t believe us? Look at the photos from the collection. I bet the OG Crocs people are pissed they didn’t come out with a marble look and charge us like $600 for them. Welcome to 2017, year of the Croc!



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