Denim Corsets or Death

We all know the new fad the Kardashians have been pushing –no not Pepsi– corsets. TBH in our opinion this should never have been brought back. Marie Antoinette is probably turning over in her grave because we all just regressed back to 18th century Europe. Did the uprising of the proletariat teach us nothing?! Let’s take, for example, this instagram post from our classic homies over at Aristocrats –Aritzia for all you squares.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 20.15.33

Our first complaint is, why wear a corset if you’re just going to wear a t-shirt and loose jeans in the first place? This girl obviously does NOT want to show off her figure and it’s not like the corset is adding anything to this look other than shame. Second, why denim??? Without any ribbing this corset is basically for the sole purpose of standing, unless you’re going for the wrinkled look.

We’re not saying the corset should never be worn, but heck, put a little effort into it. Like maybe a loose blouse tucked into a pair of cropped culottes with some kitten heels. If we’re going to bring back something that died 2 centuries ago let’s at least make it worth our while.

K + T


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