A Bag Big Enough For All Your Secrets

It’s a widely known fact that IKEA meatballs are the bees knees and one of us is a vegetarian and even agrees. But that’s not the only thing we love about IKEA. No, not the furniture - we are talking about those gorgeous blue tarp bags that help us carry all our knick knacks. The … Continue reading A Bag Big Enough For All Your Secrets


Lights Out on Lampshading

Remember that time you woke up in the morning from that nightmare where you forgot to wear pants to school? Traumatizing right?! Not traumatizing enough. Because, guess what (insert dramatic pause) people are convinced this is a trend now. Lampshading is that nifty new way to scrap the pants from your wardrobe. It's that trend sported … Continue reading Lights Out on Lampshading

Crocs & Caviar

Crocs, a word only whispered in the homes of middle class America. Since the get-go crocs have been taboo, except within the community of gardening senior citizens, nurses, and the occasional token white boi at a party (if you do not know the difference between a boy and a boi you are seriously misguided *look to definition … Continue reading Crocs & Caviar


Denim Corsets or Death

We all know the new fad the Kardashians have been pushing –no not Pepsi– corsets. TBH in our opinion this should never have been brought back. Marie Antoinette is probably turning over in her grave because we all just regressed back to 18th century Europe. Did the uprising of the proletariat teach us nothing?! Let's take, … Continue reading Denim Corsets or Death