Relaxed Fit, Lay Flat to Dry

Who doesn't love a good pair of distressed denim?? Everyone but your sassy middle-aged relatives, that's who. "Did you pay full price for those jeans?", Aunt Agatha jokes, as you throw away your pride and release the fakest laugh of your life to overpower the sound of crickets in the background – "Oh aunt Aggie! … Continue reading Relaxed Fit, Lay Flat to Dry


Enter! The Shabi Tabi

Here's a biannual blog post for you, and it's a good one! We're gonna ease you guys into this post because you're gonna be floored by this find. Remember in 2012 (don't quote us on the year) when Vibram released their 5-toe runners? *full body shiver. Well our friends over at MM6 Maison Margiela –their contemporary … Continue reading Enter! The Shabi Tabi

PSA: We’re Still Alive

We think it's time to clear the air...and we would have done this sooner but midterms/life got us feeling like bumps on a log. Recently, we've been getting a lot of comments/concerns from our valued readers/Lululemon supporters about our apparent unspoken vendetta against the brand. Newsflash WE HAVE NOTHING AGAINST LULULEMON. We have something against the people that … Continue reading PSA: We’re Still Alive

Down & Dirty

Let’s set the scene…you’re 10 minutes early for your Tinder date with Brad. The hostess sits you down at your table and you’re beyond excited to see what he’s really like, but you’re also a little nervous that he’s a catfish. You’ve been talking for a couple of weeks and he seems like the WHOLE … Continue reading Down & Dirty